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Horror, Urban Fantasy & Children's Fiction for Non-Conformists

Fiction that Doesn't Fit In

Social outcasts, exiles, ex-pats, tramps, vagabonds, vagrants, reprobates, and other wretches welcome:

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Welcome! In a society that increasingly seems to value conformity and social acceptability, fiction that does neither seems needed. I hope you’ll stick around to learn more about mine.

New! Possum Kingdom: A story about an alternative underground

Boston, Mass.-based shapeshifters Theo, Abby, and Emilia aren’t just fighting a conspiracy that threatens their vampire/werewolf underworld — they’re fighting a threat to the entire human race. First in the Therianthrope Chronicles trilogy, Possum Kingdom crosses urban fantasy, horror, and even LGBTQ genres. Find it on Amazon:

What is “fiction that doesn’t fit in”?

My fiction is for people who not only don’t fit in, but have been made to feel shame for it, as if their very existence threatens others’ status quo. I don’t believe anyone should ever feel that way, but I know how dark it is, and my fiction reflects that darkness… along with, I hope, a little bit of light.

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I’m sending a monthly newsletter out to other reprobates. I’ll be including writing tips, recommended reading, and the latest about my new and upcoming fiction… but I’ll also want to hear from you. Look for polls and maybe a contest or two, as well as a section for your voice!